Web Solutions for Small Business surrounding Raleigh, NC

Over The Top

Over The Top Lawn Care asked me if I would be willing to create them a new website to replace their old website. They wanted the new website to create a valuable web presence for their small business. Other requests made include:

  • Modern Design
  • Multi-device Optimized
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Search
  • Call to Action
  • New Website, Design and Optimization

The website that Over The Top Lawn Care originally had was created through a website builder provided by their hosting service. The website looked and felt old, was not optimized for search engines, was not fully mobile friendly and suffered from several other issues.

My suggestion was to create a new website and completely replace their original website. There was plenty of room for improvement. I created a new website with WordPress as the backbone and a custom theme that I built.

Their website and the content are now search engine optimized. In addition, their website looks modern and sleek.

Web Presence and Call to Action

Over The Top Lawn Care is a local small business that covers Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

I felt it was important to incorporate as much local content as possible in order to increase their local web presence. Therefore, you will find Over The Top Lawn Care listed on Google and Bing as well as on Google Maps.

Call to actions were lacking on their original website. Without properly implemented call to actions, potential clients may become confused on the next step to take on the website. This could result in a loss of potential clients. I fixed the issue by placing call to action properties in strategic locations to maximize website functionality.

My Relationship with Over The Top Lawn Care

My relationship with Over The Top began in the fourth quarter of 2017. Our long-term relationship has allowed me to learn about the needs of their business and to continually improve the web solutions I have in place for them. In addition, I can give them suggestions on ways I can improve the web solutions I provide to them which only benefits their business.