Mission Statement

My mission is to provide my clients cost-effective web solutions that meet my client’s goals and grows their business. I strive to maintain a strong relationship with my clients during and after their goals have been met. I provide honest opinions, options and solutions to boost the visibility of my client’s business with a modern look and feel that uses current standards.


The two things that I have always been good at are taking things apart and putting them back together, and embracing my creativity through creative arts and problem solving.

I am not a good drawer, I can’t paint (I am color blind), I don’t know how to make clay pots, but I did find two ways to take my creativity and apply it to a couple of talents I possess.

The first is music. I started playing the drums when I was three years old. When I was fifteen, I started a band with my best friend. I played a countless number of concerts. I played music up until my boy was born and I could no longer access that creative side of me. That’s okay though because I love my boy far beyond anything else in this world and I will revisit music again one day.

When I was sixteen or seventeen, I got my first book on HTML to learn the basics of building a website. I wanted to learn HTML so I could build a website for the band I was in. Back in those days, that’s all you needed. After a few weeks with the HTML book and my home computer, I built my first website.

I fell in love with building websites.

Since then, I have come a long way with web development. I have taught myself many aspects of web development, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with a focus in Web Development and now I freelance as a web developer.

In 2016, I moved from Baltimore, MD to Garner, NC. One of the top reasons I moved to this area was because of all of the local business and the sense of community. Most of the service I receive from the local businesses surrounding Raleigh, NC comes with care and a smile. These are qualities I highly appreciate.

To better understand why local business is so important to me, you have to better understand my experience with Baltimore, MD. Business in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas has become extremely transactional. I found it very rare to even look at the person I was interacting whether in a corner store, local business, corporation, grocery store, gas station or just about any place you can think of.

Baltimore, MD is very fast paced. Everyone seems like they are in a hurry and no one is concerned about each other. I grew tired of this environment and after extensive research and a few visits to Raleigh, NC, I decided this is where I could find what I was looking for.

Since the local businesses in Raleigh, NC and its surrounding areas have treated me so well, I have felt a sense to give back. I can’t work for free and if I could, I would. We all have to make a living. However, I put my heart into the work I do for local business because I want to see us all thrive.