Welcome to my FAQ

I have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about my business and how I operate. If you do not see an answer to a question that you have, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


I am a freelancer. I tend to cost less, specialize in local business, and I stay involved more than an agency. I’m not going to sell you things you don’t need. I’m honest, upfront and I like to learn your business so I can better serve your business. It’s just easier working with a freelancer.

I can walk you through the steps we need to take in order to get your business on the right track.

I work with local small businesses in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

The cost for my services depends on the project. My services are custom tailored to the needs of your business. I offer competitive pricing for exceptional service. I may be able to suggest ways to save you money long term.

Web Design

I can build your business a new website or I can turn your existing website into a modern website using current web standards. I use the latest tools with a minimalist web design approach to maximize your website’s potential.

Web Presence

I use a variety of tools to maximize the web presence of your business. With my expertise, top search engines and potential customers will know that your website and business exists.

Web Applications

Web Applications simplify anything from every day to monthly tasks. Some are automated while some are made to avoid mundane tasks.

Many of the websites that I see are outdated and that can cause some problems. There are risks for damaging the web presence of a business. The web standards are obsolete causing search engine optimization faults. More than likely, the website probably looks plain ugly. I can modernize and update the web standards to fully optimize your website by creating a new website or by updating an existing website.

Yes. You own everything after the project has been completed.

You will provide most, if not all, of the content for the website. You are the expert in your field of business.

I provide on-going support for a low monthly fee.

I hope to build a strong relationship with you and your business. I tend to stay in touch to make sure everything is meeting your needs and to inform you of any updates that need to be implemented. The more I know about your business, the better I can serve you.


You have made it this far and I'm sure you have found the FAQ very informative. If you have more questions, that okay. I have you covered. Are you ready to take the next step? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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